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Keeping your remote and flexible working teams working can become problematic when IT issues occur. Luckily our IT support factors in key issues for remote/flexible workers and aims to minimise downtime when issues do occur.

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A Fantastic job done by a Fantastic engineer, polite, courteous, a real friendly guy.
I highly recommend this company.
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Tony Mansfield

Why Is IT Support For Remote & Flexible Working Important?

As remote and flexible working becomes more and more the norm, it's important to ensure that you have the right support and IT systems in place to ensure that they can work effectively from anywhere.

What’s Included In Our Remote & Flexible IT Support?

NAS Installation, Configuring and Recommendations

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a file-level computer data storage server that’s connected to an internal network, which provides access and retrieval of stored data by authorised users of that network within or externally with permission.

NAS is one of many networks’ storage or a centralised location cloud-based NAS which handles unstructured data, like audio, video, websites, text files and Microsoft Office documents.

Depending on which NAS you have will determine its flexibility regarding storage, meaning that if you need additional storage, you could expand.

Cable Management, Network Port Installation

Cable management refers to maintaining the management of your network infrastructure and encompasses the organisation, protection and routing of wiring systems across a range of installation types.

It is always important, safe, and cost-effective to have all your cable management uncluttered this will reduce heat, stop any damage to cables occurring and increase the life span of your equipment.

WIFI Upgrades or Improve Existing

WIFI allows each device that has WIFI capabilities to connect to a wired network, servicing as a central hub, this could be your main router/hub or access point strategically positioned around your small office.

Printer Installs and Print Server Setup

Printers are great to have within a small business, but it can be very frustrating if it just stops working or you have a new one that is just not setting up, so it’s important to know that in order to use a printer the devices that need to communicate with it have to have software installed in some circumstances as the drivers are included which allows your device and the printer to communicate.

Security Upgrades and Installs

Security upgrades and keeping safe/secure are probably the most important integration to your small business, so having the correct hardware and software on your devices and internal network is paramount.

High-end Anti-Virus & Malware software will help to keep your computers, laptops, servers, and mobile devices secure and safe, avoiding a loss of business/profit and expensive equipment.

Training also comes into this as it’s always important to keep your staff or small business up to date with the latest viruses, malware and hacks which come in many forms. If you are aware, the next time an email is received and has malware integrated into it you won’t be so quick to open and look at the attachment that could have just taken down your small business.

Backup Data On & Off Site

There are many backup resources available to you as a small business in the form of hardware or software and all devices, including the server or NAS, should be backed up every day.

For small businesses, depending on how the backup is set up all important files will be saved to normally an external hard drive, cloud storage, or other authorised external locations and then the backup is backed up and taken off-site in case of a fire or damaged hard drives.

This should be done in case your data were to crash, corrupt files or any other issues occur with your data.

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What our clients have to say

Absolutely spot on. Kept in touch through the whole process and spot on even with the after care. Couldn't rate highly enough, cracking job.

Richard Manley

Very professional and prompt service from Dave with my laptop issues. Fair pricing and kept up to speed on progress with good explanation in English! Dave was very reliable and knowledgeable, and a lovely friendly guy to boot! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you.

Joanne Spindley

Dave is a very knowledgeable chap when it comes to IT and very pleasant to deal with nothing is any trouble. He set my new desk top up and upgraded my business laptop he is always at the end of the phone, highly recommended I will definitely use again kind regards.

Andrew Marris

Great service. As I'm a complete idiot with computers. He came to my house and set every thing up for me. He made sure all the bell and buttons worked. A day later he phoned to check every thing was OK.

I would recommend his service as A1.

Jim Burr

Highly recommend for all I.T support. Reliable, professional, friendly service.

Michala Parkinson

A Fantastic job done by a Fantastic engineer, polite, courteous, a real friendly guy.
I highly recommend this company.
Give Dave a call !

Tony Mansfield

David is highly recommended he did an excellent job with fixing our WiFi problems. He was very friendly and really professional. He explained everything that he was doing and why and gave us lots of ideas along the way. Great customer service due to a text the following day to see if everything was working Ok. Definitely would recommend David.

Lyndsey White

Bought a laptop off netgeek and would highly recommend him 👍 Top class service and very professional.

Gay Johnston

I’ve just had my laptop updated by I.T.NetGeek to windows 10. He just talked me through my updated system so that I know what I’m doing. If you EVER need any assistance with any computer problems then this is your man.

Phillip Smith

David is not only a highly skilled and experienced IT expert, he possesses first class people skills.
He came to me to sort out what appeared to be a relatively simple job. Unfortunately, and I stress that this was the no way attributable to him, a massive can of worms decided to open itself up!
David was undeterred and worked through a mountain of problems until they were all solved. I would have thrown my computer through the window but he calmly continued until everything was sorted.
No matter how large or small your IT headache is, David is your man.

David Lane